Welcome to Optimum Footwear

We are so glad you’re here. You picked a great time to visit, the recent holiday weekend was said to be Summer’s last hurrah! We saw it as a welcome departure from the craziness these past few months.

Optimum believes footwear is one of the most important purchases you can make. Our competitors provide a laundry list of colors and shapes that can be best described as just “ok”. At Optimum footwear we present you with our hand-picked collection of premium brands that deliver on style, fit ,and most importantly comfort.

The products that we provide are always of the highest quality. Our shoes have powerful features to make your feet feel good, while you look great. We will only ever provide premium brands with limited distribution at a fair price.

That’s our pledge to you.

Come back often and reach out with questions and comments. Your feet will thank you for it!